Choices Pt 3 – You Choose

You choose a life of blessing and reward OR a life of mediocrity and defeat. We all know that a life of blessing and reward don’t just happen automatically or by chance. There is no such thing as an auto pilot switch for your life. It all happens by CHOICE. One of the greatest mistakes anyone can ever make is when they fail to CHOOSE! Choosing to not choose is a bad choice. Many people assume that life just happens to them – randomly or haphazardly. They want a better life and they are just waiting for life to get better. They have this belief (which, by the way, is a wrong belief) that they have no power over their own lives. You don’t get a better life; you create a better life by the choices you make. And then there are those who are just “comfortable” in believing that fate, chance or luck are what are controlling their lives. And then there are other who think/believe that “if God wants them to have something, then they will have it.” In other words, “Let’s just put the monkey on God’s back for how my life turns out.” Let me repeat, […]

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