Off the Chain Part 2

Today let’s begin with three short stories from The Bible to illustrate how to live a life “Unchained” or without restraint. These stories are found in Matthew 26:7 (The Alabaster Box), Luke 5:4 (Launch Out) and I Kings 17:10 (Widow and Elijah). There were many widows in the land but Elijah was sent only to this one. I had to ask myself the question “Why?” And the best answer I could come up with was – maybe she was the only one who was radical enough that God could bless her. OR – Maybe she was willing enough to risk everything in order to see a miracle. Do you know that sometimes you have to let go of what’s NOT working so you can embrace God’s plan that WILL WORK? We are often times slow to let go of what’s not working. Maybe because of fear, or we just feel we don’t have any options. Why keep living life at a level that you are not happy with, or that’s not working? That’s what we call INSANITY – doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. The widows plan was to gather sticks and die, but God’s plan […]

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